Let your investment on an accurate and up-to-date B2B Email List find a perfect audience for you.

Techno Data Group offers you the most accurate, verified, result-driven and reliable B2B Email List, which helps you to identify the right key executives that results in real-time increase in sales and return on investment that triggers and helps you to explore more business opportunities and keep building up the qualified and convertible marketing and sales leads.

Our customized B2B Email List provides you a competitive intelligence which helps you to get better ideas in the stiff competition. You get a scope to target new customer as well as the existing customers.

Even if you fall back with other vendors in your business campaigns, the most reliable b2b email list from Techno Data Group never lets you fall back because of quality or when health does not permit you.

Is your B2B Email List updated enough to compete with the current marketing trend and technology? If not, you can always get your B2B Contact Database updated with the latest information so you never fall back in your business campaigns and also make your campaign a success. You may ask how it possible to which there is only one answer is. The answer is none other than Techno Data Group. Our team not only keeps the pace with the company needs and requirements but also thinks out of the box and work towards it, which makes us race much ahead of it.

What does our B2B Email List offer?

Techno Data Group offers you the most accurate B2B Email Marketing Lists and Mailing Lists that helps you to identify the right key executives which is the key to get real-time sales triggers, explore more business opportunities, build up quality sales leads, obtain better pre-meeting planning, gain competitive intelligence, target new prospects who are likely to buy your products or services, analyze financial view key industry trends. We make things like finding the targeted B2B Email Marketing Lists that match your exact requirements easier.

What are the benefits you get from our B2B Email Contacts?

  • Prompt and professional service at most affordable market prices
  • Perfectly opt-in or permission-based email lists
  • The best source for obtaining the direct access to approach the key decision-makers in the B2B business sector
  • 100% deliverance rate is guaranteed from our end
  • The databases are cleansed and updated regularly and frequently
  • Ideal for launching successful marketing campaigns.
  • Saves your time by reducing your sales cycle thereby cutting down your marketing costs.
  • Boosts your sales and return on investment
  • Brand recognition
  • Better marketing insights
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

What are the services we offer?

Techno Data Group offers the following services. They are

Contact Discovery

Enables you to get the updated B2B Contact Information of the customers through telephonic research, social media research, and others. It helps you to identify the right contacts, responsible for taking monetary decisions like buying your products and services.

IT & Business Intelligence

Helps you to get additional intelligence on the B2B prospects that you target which enables you to understand their requirements and reach them to market the products they need.

Account Profiling

Provides you with B2B Email data that provides you abundant information which helps you to build a comprehensive B2B Email list that contains in-depth client report. It also provides you the tips to reach your targeted audience that includes company sales budget, competitor marketing strategy, acquisitions, competitor installations that hardware and software company installs and uses.

Market Research

Our team entails the collection of the customer information that is used for building an up-to-date B2B Email List. Our B2B database is designed to provide insights on customer minds regarding the changes in the marketing trends so you understand what they exactly need, where they come from and how the information is gathered

Lead Generation

An accurate B2B Email Database is the way to generate leads and convert them into sales. From the marketing perspective, it is the process of identifying the right prospects and capturing their interests in buying your products or services, which is the road to increase your sales and get other beneficial outcomes.

Tele-Marketing Service

Our B2B Contact Lists provides you a one-stop solution for your outbound marketing. It contains an up-to-date client information of various industries, irrespective of their sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our customized B2B Contact Information helps you in setting up appointments and programs.

Email Marketing

We provide you an accurate, verified, and up-to-date B2B Email List that helps you in making your email marketing success. As email marketing is used by millions of businesses irrespective of their sizes across the globe, you have an option to segment the B2B Email List based on any targeted demographic, interest or behavioral data that you have collected on your customers.

Data Refinement

in this process the raw and unstructured data is converted into a pertinent and integrated format to design the B2B database in a systematic and segregated manner. The purpose of data refinement is to make the customer understand the B2B Email Database better and eliminate data redundancy to develop an organized and well-segmented data source.

Data Enhancement

is the collective process of gathering new customer data, building the B2B Email database, sorting and segmenting the data that is procured with regard to the required demography, geographical location, interests and other parameters to ensure that you understand the customers better.

Data Building

If you are looking towards building B2B Email List, we help you in building the data by way of gathering, collating, and segmenting the customer information according to the set protocols that is best suited for your needs.

Data Segmentation

is a method of extracting the customer information from your B2B Contact List and segmenting it. In this process, you can send relevant and targeted messages to your prospects that exist in your database.

Data Cleansing

This is the overall process to detect and correct the corrupt, inaccurate and redundant data in your B2B Email Database.

Contact Appending

We add new and multiple personal contacts of the decision-makers that is gathered from the reliable sources within the organization

Email Appending

Adds new information of the customers as well as updates the missing fields as well as incorrect values in your b2b database, thereby preparing you with email and b2b marketing campaigns and approach the decision-makers.

Phone Appending

In this service, we add the customer information including the phone numbers as well as update the missing fields or incorrect values in that field.

Postal Appending

We offer postal appending service for your b2b database with an accurate postal address of your clients which gives them a personal touch

Reverse Appending

Fills the gaps in your b2b database as well as enhances your email records, accompanied by matching the name and postal address that helps you to target the right buyers.

Industries that use our B2B Email List

Our B2B Email Lists provides you the overall coverage of the databases all the decision-makers like in the industries like

Information Technology

covers the decision-makers like Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Software Developers, Programmers, Corporate IT Management, Hardware Users, ERP Users, CRM Network Users, and others

Contact Appending

Here, new and multiple personnel contacts of the most important decision-makers are added within the organization. This makes your Email database comprehensive that has the contacts with the current titles and makes sure that your b2b emails reach the decision-makers you target.


covers the decision-making healthcare executives like doctors, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other specializations in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers.

Financial Services

includes financial institutions like commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and other non-banking institutions.


gives you the coverage of all the manufacturers comprising of food processing, textiles, plastics, chemicals, and others, all over the world.

Real Estate

Helps you to reach out to Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Inspectors, Real Estate Buyers, brokers, and others.

Education Industry

In Education Industry Email List you can reach out to the decision makers like Trustees, Directors, Principals, Chief Academic Officers and others in schools, colleges, universities, and other training institutes and others

Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas Email List gives you an opportunity to interact with Oil and Gas Industry Executives, Development Architects, Marketing Managers, and others in this industry

Retail Industry

The Retail Industry Email Lists enables you to reach out to all the decision-making retailers dealing in all types of business.

Hotels & Motels

Our Hotel & Motels Email List contains the up-to-date and comprehensive email addresses of the decision-makers in hotels, motels, resort executives, managers, and others and offers you an opportunity to explore the hotel industry.

Travel Industry

If you are targeting the prospects in Travel Industry, our travel industry email list helps you to reach the key persons having the authority to make financial decisions for availing your services.

Why Techno Data Group?

Techno Data Group is a b2b marketing firm that focuses on obtaining the information of the top doctors having the purchasing authority. We also offer you the personalized and the tailored Email List depending on your business demands. Our fresh, unique and up-to-date Email List enables you to send commercial emails and conduct the business campaigns.

  •   First Name, Last Name
  •   Company Name
  •   Web Address
  •   Phone Number, Fax Number
  •   Contact Title
  •   Company Size, Revenue Size and IndustryTypes>
  •   Email, Postal Address and Zip Code
  •   SIC Code & NAICS Code
  •   Personnel Specifics

We perform the following marketing activities like

Techno Data Group provides highly verified result-driven contact database of leading global Doctors from across industries like:

  • Acupuncturist Email List
  • Acute Care Specialist
  • Addiction Specialist Email List
  • Adult Health Specialist Email List
  • Allergy-Immunology Doctors Email List
  • Anatomic Pathology-Clinical Pathology Doctors Email List
  • Athletic Trainer Email List
  • Audiologist Email List
  • Bariatric Doctos Email List
  • Cardiovascular Disease Specialist Email List
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Email List
  • Clinical Lipidologist Email List
  • Clinical Neuropsychologist Email List
  • Critical Care Medicine Doctors Email List
  • Diabetes Specialist Email List
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist Email List
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Doctors Email List
  • Endodontics Specialist Email List
  • Epidemiologist Email List
  • Exercise Physiologist Email List

Techno Data Group provides Email List based on the countries that you wish to target. It will save time, resources in your marketing campaigns and boosts sales and maximizes ROI.

Buy Email List to reach your target market and increase your revenue without spending a bundle through Online Marketing Campaigns, Tele-Marketing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing and more.

Our Email Lists are focused on providing the Global Business List.

  • USA Email and mailing list
  • Dubai Email and mailing list
  • Denmark Email and mailing list
  • China Email and mailing list
  • Brazilian Email and mailing list
  • Belgium Email and mailing list
  • UK Email and mailing list
  • Canada Email and mailing list
  • Singapore Email and mailing list
  • Australian Email and mailing list
  • USA Email and mailing list
  • Portugal Email and mailing list
  • Poland Email and mailing list
  • Philippines Email and mailing list
  • Norway Email and mailing list
  • Netherlands Email and mailing list
  • Middle East Email and mailing list
  • Mexico Email and mailing list
  • New Zealand Email and mailing list
  • Zimbabwe Email and mailing list
  • UAE Email and mailing list
  • Turkey Email and mailing list
  • South Email and mailing list
  • Scotland Email and mailing list
  • Russian Email and mailing list
  • South Korean Email and mailing list
  • Malaysian Email and mailing list
  • Japan Email and mailing list
  • Italy Email and mailing list
  • Ireland Email and mailing list
  • Indonesia Email and mailing list
  • Thailand Email and mailing list
  • Switzerland Email and mailing list
  • Sweden Email and mailing list
  • Spain Email and mailing list
  • Indian Email and mailing list
  • Hong Kong Email and mailing list
  • Germany Email and mailing list
  • France Email and mailing list
  • European Email and mailing list

Request for Sample List

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Don't let your sales and marketing efforts be compromised by outdated or incomplete data.

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Our data cleansing services include appending missing data, de-duplication, merging, rebuilding, migration, standardization, normalization, verifying and enriching.

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Acupuncturist Email List
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Adult Health Specialist Email List
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Cardiovascular Disease Specialist Email List
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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Email List
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Chest and Cardiac Surgeons Email List
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Chief of Anesthesiology Email List
Chief of Internal Medicine Email List
Chief of Neurosurgery Email List
Chief of Obstetrics Gynecology Email List
Chief of Pediatrics Email List
Chief of Radiology Email List
Chief of Surgery Email List
Chief of Urology Email List
Chief Operations Officer Email List
Child Adolescent Psychiatrist Email List
Child Care Facilities Email List
Child Psychiatric Nurses Email List
Chiropodist Email List
Chiropractor Email List
Chiropractors DC Email List
Chiropractors Email List
Clinical Lab Scientists Email List
Clinical Neuropsychologist Email List
Clinical Nurse Specialists Email List
Clinical Specialists-Therapists Email List
Clinics Email List
Colorectal Surgeons Email List
Community Health Nurses Email List
Continuning Education Director Email List
Convalescent Homes Email List
Cosmetologists Email List
Critical Care Medicine Physician Email List
Critical Care Nurses Email List
CureMD EHR Email List
Dental Laboratories Email List
Dental Surgeons Email List
Dentist Email List
Dentist Service Organizations Email List
Dentists Email List
Denturists Email List
Dermatologist Email List
Dermatology Email List
Dermatology Nurses Email List
Dermatology Physicians Email List
Dermopathologist Email List
Developmental Therapist Email List
Diabetes Nurses Email List
Diabetes Specialist Email List
Dialysis Nurses Email List
Dieticians Email List
Director of Biomedical Engineering Email List
Director of Cardiology Email List
Director of Central Sterile Services Email List
Director of Central Supply Services Email List
Director of Chemical Substance Abuse Email List
Director of Radiology Diagnostic Imaging Email List
Drug and Alcohol Nurse Practitioners Email List
Drug Detection Service Equipment Email List
eClinicalWorks Email List
Emergency Medical Surgical Service Email List
Emergency Medicine Email List
Emergency Medicine Physicians Email List
Emergency Medicine Specialist Email List
Emergency Nurse Practitioners Email List
Endocrinologist Email List
Endocrinology Email List
Endocrinology Nurses Email List
Endocrinology Physicians Email List
Endocrinology, Diabetes Metabolism Physician Email List
Endodontics Specialist Email List
ENT Nurse Practitioners Email List
ENT Specialist Email List
Environmental Health Safety Professionals Email List
Epic Systems Email List
Epidemiologist Email List
Epidemiologists Email List
Equipment Nurses Email List
ER Clinical Director Email List
ER Physician Director Email List
Exercise Physiologist Email List
Facility Plant Manager Email List
Family Care Nurse Practitioners Email List
Family Medicine Email List
Family Medicine Specialist Email List
Family Planning Nurses Email List
Family Practice Director Email List
Family Practice Physicians Email List
Family Practioners Email List
Family Psychiatric Nurses Email List
Food Services Director Email List
Foreign Physician Email List
Gastroenterologist Email List
Gastroenterology Director Email List
Gastroenterology Email List
Gastroenterology Physicians Email List
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General Practitioners Email List
General Surgeons Email List
Geneticist Email List
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Geriatric Nurses Email List
Geriatric Services Director Email List
Geriatricians Email List
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Hand Surgery Specialists Email List
Health Welfare Agencies Email List
Health Care Facilities Email List
Health Information Referral Programs Email List
Health Maintenance Organizations Email List
Health Services Email List
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Hematology Oncology Specialist Email List
Hematology Physicians Email List
Hepatologist Email List
Hepatologists Email List
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HIV/AIDS Nurses Email List
Holistic Practitioners Email List
Home Health Care Nurses Email List
Home Health Service Email List
Home Healthcare Services Director Email List
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Hospices Email List
Hospital Email List
Hospital Affiliated Physicians Email List
Hospital CEO Email List
Hospital Decision Makers Email List
Hospital IT Director Email List
Hospital Management Consulting Email List
Hospital Specialty Services Email List
Hospitalists Email List
Hospitals Email List
Housekeeping Director Email List
Human Resources Director Email List
Hypnotherapy Email List
Hypnotists Email List
ICU CCU Director Email List
Infection Control Director Email List/a>
Infection Control Microbiologist Email List
Infectious Disease Email List
Infectious Disease Specialist Email List
Informatics Specialist Email List
In-Service Education Email List
Internal Medicine Email List
Internal Medicine Physician Email List
Internists Email List
IV Certification Nurses Email List
IV Infusion Therapy Providers Email List
Kidney Dialysis Transplantation Services Email List
Lab Director Email List
Laboratory Director Email List
Laser Surgeons Email List
LASIK Refractive Surgeons Email List
Licensed Practical Nurses Email List
Licensed Vocational Nurses Email List
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Email List
Mammography Email List
Managed Care Services Director Email List
Management Service Director Email List
Marketing Director Email List
Marriage Family Therapist Email List
Massage Therapists Email List
Materials Management Director Email List
McKesson Provider Technologies Email List
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Medical Assistant Email List
Medical Director Email List
Medical Groups Email List
Medical Library Director Email List
Medical Records Director Email List
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Mental Health Professionals Email List
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Midwives email Email List
Naturopathic Physicians Email List
Neonatal Care Director Email List
Neonatal Care Nurses Email List
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Physician Email List
Neonatologist Email List
Nephrologist Email List
Nephrologists Email List
Nephrology Email List
Neurological Surgery Email List
Neurologist Email List
Neurology Email List
Neurology Nurses Email List
Neurology Physicians Email List
Neuromusculoskeletal Email List
Neuroradiology Specialist Email List
Neurosurgeons Email List
NextGen Healthcare Email List
Nuclear Medicine Director Email List
Nuclear Medicine Email List
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Email List
Nurse Anesthetists Email List
Nurse Assistants Email List
Nurse Email List
Nurse Managers Email List
Nurse Practitioner Email List
Nurses Nurses' Registries Email List
Nurses by Ethnicity Language Email List
Nurses in Affluent Communities Email List
Nursing Convalescent Homes Email List
Nursing Services Director Email List
Nutriotionists Email List
Nutritionist Email List
OB/GYN Nurses Email List
Obstetricians and Gynecologists Email List
Obstetrics Gynecology Email List
Obstetrics Gynecology Director Email List
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Occupational Health Nurses Email List
Occupational Medicine Physician Email List
Occupational Therapists Email List
Occupational Therapy Assistants Email List
Occupational Therapy Director Email List
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Oncology Nurses Email List
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Ophthalmology Email List
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Optometrists Email List
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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialists Email List
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Orthodontist Email List
Orthopaedic Surgery Email List
Orthopedic Doctors Email List
Orthopedic Nurses Email List
Orthopedic Physician Email List
Orthopedic Specialist Email List
Orthopedic Surgeons Email List
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Otolaryngology Email List
Otorhinolaryngologists Email List
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Pediatric Oncology Nurses Email List
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Pharmacist Email List
Pharmacists Email List
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Pharmacy Decision Makers Email List
Pharmacy Director Email List
Pharmacy Executives Email List
Phlebotomists Email List
Physiatrists Email List
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Physician Email List
Physical Medicine Email List
Physical Rehabilitation Services Director Email List
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Physical Therapy Director Email List
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Physician Recruiter Email List
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Physicians Assistants Email List
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Plastic Surgeons Email List
Plastic Surgery Email List
Plastic Surgery Specialists Email List
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Podiatrist Email List
Podiatrists Email List
Practice Fusion Email List
Prescriptive Nurses Email List
Preventive Medicine Email List
Prosthodontist Email List
Prosthodontists Email List
Psychiatric Service Directors Email List
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Email List
Psychiatrists Email List
Psychiatry Email List
Psychologist Email List
Psychologists Email List
Psychotherapists Email List
Public Health Nurses Email List
Pulmonologist Email List
Purchasing Director Email List
Quality – Patient Safety-Risk-Governance Director Email List
Quality Assurance Director Email List
Radiation Oncology Physician Email List
Radiologist Email List
Radiology Director Email List
Radiology Email List
Recreational Therapists Email List
Reflexologists Email List
Registered Dieticians Email List
Rehabilitation Nurses Email List
Rehabilitation Practitioner-Specialists Email List
Reproductive Health Nurses Email List
Respiratory Therapy Director Email List
Rest Homes Email List
Retirement Communities Homes Email List
Rheumatologist Email List
Rheumatology Email List
Rheumatology Physicians Email List
Risk Management Director Email List
Safety Director Email List
School Nurses Email List
Security Director Email List
Service Improvement Director Email List
Skin and Sexual Diseases Specialist Email List
Sleep Lab Director Email List
Social Service Director Email List
Speech Pathologists Email List
Sports Medicine Injuries Email List
Sports Medicine Physician Email List
Staff Development Director Email List
Surgeons Email List
Surgery Email List
Surgery Services Director Email List
Surgical Specialists Email List
Tele Medicine Director Email List
Thoracic Surgeons Email List
Toxicologists Email List
Transplant Surgeons Email List
Transplants Nurses Email List
Trauma Surgeons Email List
Urological Surgeons Email List
Urologist Email List
Urology Email List
Urology Nurses Email List
Vascular Surgeons Email List
Veterinarian Email List
Veterinarians Email List
Vitreoretinal Surgeons Email List
Women Health Services Email List
Women's Health Specialist Email List
Women's Health Nurse Practitioners Email List
X-Ray Laboratories Email List