10 Free Tools for Social Media

For improved readership or visibility of online business, social media plays a vital role. Everyone seems to be on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. thus it is the best means to build relationship with readers and online researchers. And to better know if this online marketing channel is actually working to your advantage, here are 10 social media tools that provides tracking and reports—free of charge!

Re-check your customers contact information, deal size, business transaction and purchase history. Did you find any new trends? What is the common trend from your premier purchasers? Lets include;

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is a free tracking application that allows you to generate a code and paste it to your website or page. This code will track every visit that the page receives, including the demographic, the location, the length of the visit and more. This social media tool will then generate a report and made it available for you via Visually's.


Twitter is among the social media tools that should be on your list if you are managing a site. And TweetDeck is its customized management app.


Another important social media tool is the Hootsuite, which allows you to manage all social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Sprout Social

Home, Messages, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports and among the tabs that Sprout Social dashboard offers. This social media tool also connects your Facebook, Google+ (Pages only), LinkedIn, and Twitter account in one organized place.


If you are into Facebook and Twitter only, then the Crowdbooster is the free social media tool for you. It helps you streamline your activities.

Twitter Showdown

Another social media tool that needs to be on your list is the Twitter Showdown. Also found in Visually's, this social media tool provides you with follower-to-following ratio, level of tweet engagement, mentions per tweet, tweet timing and, overall, how two accounts compare.

Edgerank Checker

If your focus on social media tools is Facebook, the Edgerank checker should be on your side. This helps you figure out the data that Facebook insight provides, including the number of Likes, Reach, People Talking About This, etc.

Facebook Insights (App)

Facebook is arguably one of the best social media tools a site manager or admin can have. It is like a one-stop shop with everything available for picking. On its page, an app called Facebook Insight is already added to track and report everything that matters—the reach, the number of people who saw a post, the number of likes the page received and a lot more.


The best thing about Buffer is that a site manager can use it to schedule bulk post in social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. To do this, it uses extensions on a number of search engines like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Directly the counterpart of Insight, SocialBro is specifically for Twitter. This provides the site manager every detail that he or she may need in tracking the progress of the social media account.

There are still a lot of social media tools that any site manager or admin can use to better his or her craft.

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