4 Mantras of Success From Top B2B Marketers

The field of marketing is a dynamic field and to be a master in this field, the most important quality that you can possess is adaptability to change. Quick adaption and implementation of the change in your work and areas of influence is what goes into a path breaking marketing campaign. It is not only the thrust of the campaign that does the trick all the time, it is also the novelty of the campaign and the strength of the message. CMOs all around the world are looking for such people who can adapt and adopt this change as this is the only way to achieve success as a marketer.

More often than not, a marketer is describes as someone who can twist and turn the stories as per the needs of his business. But, the smart marketer of today is emerging as one who does not really need to defend his business but creates a need for his business. A study done by Act-On with Gleanster Research has revealed some of the common traits that top performers in this field possess. Here are some of the simple mantras that emerged out:

1. Never Lose Sight Of Your Existing Customers

Customers of today have realized that the 'special treatment' rolled out to them is just in the beginning and as they move forward in the customer life cycle, the interaction with the company/business fades out. Smart marketers realize this and ensure that their existing customers never feel left out. While increasing the customer base is definitely a priority area, retention and expansion of the customers also cannot be neglected. These marketers spend 23% of their time in retention of customers as opposed to 18% of the time spent by an average marketer. Similarly, 25% of the successful marketer's time is devoted to customer expansion as against 15% of the average marketer's time for the same process. This is where the difference lies. Allocation of budget for these two categories and making your customer feel special always is what a successful marketer is doing. Expansion budgets are 30% of the total budget of the successful marketer while an average marketer is spending only 20% of his budget on existing customers.

2. Be Involved In All Stages Of Your Customer Lifecycle

Your existing customers are a great source of roping in new customers. Leverage this source well by proactively being involved in all stages of their customer life cycle with your business. This is what the top notch marketers are doing. In average businesses, the customer satisfaction part is left to sales and support to handle and marketing only comes in at the time of converting the customer. Successful marketers take ownership of the entire process and are involved with the customers right from the beginning of their association till the end of it. This breeds loyalty in the customers apart from leaving them delightfully satisfied.

3. Have A Result Oriented Approach

2016 will be the year of the data strategist as 2015 was the year of the data scientist. All processes and systems will be data based and the more robust your data is, the better it is for your strategy building process. Data present in multiple locations regarding customers will come together in a consolidated manner with the new systems that the companies are investing in. This will yield in better information flow, less inconsistencies in the data and higher accuracy. The year will also see a dedicated resource for company's data strategy.

4. Focus On Good Quality Teams

A top performer is as good as his team! Top marketers are aware of this fact and ensure that they have the most driven and skillfully diverse team to be able to manage all ends of the marketing gamut. 92% of the top performers emphasize on the usefulness of skilled resources as opposed to 50% of the average performers. With new digital platforms of marketing coming into the limelight, a top marketing team needs to have employees who can handle all these complexities and rise to the occasion as and when required. Therefore, hiring their teams is a task that top B2B performers take on high priority.

To cut a long story short, the top B2B marketers are actually taking ownership of the entire customer lifecycle. This is where the difference lies, both in the engagement of the customers and the results that they deliver. So, get inspired right now and make the change!

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