It Is Marketing All The Way in 2016!

Marketing department of any organization is the one that is needed to constantly be abreast with the latest developments of the market. They need to be alert and be open to change, because it is actually acceptance to change that is their bread and butter. As marketing teams continue to remain alert and responsive, they will need to look at their data in ways that they have not done earlier. Insight generation from the existing data will hold the key to success in 2016. In line with this thought, here are the three themes that will rule the mind-share of the top leaders looking at growth in 2016:

1) Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

This is going to be a huge contributing factor in the business success in the coming years. Gone are the days, when sales and marketing could work in silos and still yield the best results. In times of today, both sales and marketing teams have to make joint and aligned efforts especially in the business of B2B selling. Generating leads of customers, providing them with customized solutions and tracking them regularly is what is the least of the expectations of the customers. For this they will need to work on common databases and data points rather than separate ones. Hence, sales and marketing alignment becomes a must for the customer to sense and feel the uniformity in business orientation of both the teams they interact with.

2) Data Based Decision Making and Targeting

A survey done by Inside View on sales and marketing alignment revealed that 56% of the decision makers use their 'gut feeling' to take decisions. This is going to change now with most decisions being taken on the basis of data, and percolating the same logic to the B2B target customers as a part of the sales pitch. Predictive analytics is going to be game changer in the coming year. With decisions being taken on the basis of predictive analysis and predictions coming from reliable sources, companies will now have focused targeting of customers and customized solutions for their needs. Data science will also be used for customer engagement like for improving lead score and messaging.

3) Focused Data Strategy

2016 will be the year of the data strategist as 2015 was the year of the data scientist. All processes and systems will be data based and the more robust your data is, the better it is for your strategy building process. Data present in multiple locations regarding customers will come together in a consolidated manner with the new systems that the companies are investing in. This will yield in better information flow, less inconsistencies in the data and higher accuracy. The year will also see a dedicated resource for company's data strategy.

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