How to Create an Opt-in Email List

Any email marketing specialist will highlight the significance of a targeted opt-in email list. As a business personality and marketer, your aspiration is to bring about an improvement in sales through your email conversation. To realise this objective, you should create powerful and lasting relations with your clients. You can reach this stage only after you would have demonstrated you are sincere and honest, for which you require to engage customers frequently through a useful and cost-effective communication like email.

A targeted opt-in email list can often be the impetus you want to raise revenue. Some people think that a bigger email list is the solution to a flourishing marketing campaign, but this could not be distant from the truth. It is more desirable to have a list of 2000 high-value clients who have signed up for your email than the 400000 usual prospects from a rented list who apparently do not have the faintest enthusiasm to purchase your offerings. Remember, quality usually outweighs quantity.

Skilled marketers can find countless techniques of accumulating subscribers and growing their email list. You can run various competitions, polls, surveys, advertising offers and more to give subscriptions a drive. But such a list does not ensure achievement because you need to be able to build a rapport with clients in your email conversation. You need to organise and segment your customer and prospect list centred on principles that you think fit. If you operate a gym and need to drive memberships, you would apparently want to place it uniquely for students and retired folks. That is where a targeted opt-in email list is decisive.

For example, asking customers about their beloved hobby or where they live, it may assist you to personalize your opt-in email. Once you have gathered all the data.

List building and management is a subject of tolerance and commitment and can become a time-consuming method. However, in increasingly information-driven conditions, high-quality data is king!

How to Create an Opt-in Email List

What is an Opt-in Email List?

An opt-in email list is a compilation of email lists with data that your subscribers have voluntarily given to you. This indicates that they are conscious that you are adding them to your list and agree to obtain mass emails, newsletters, or other sorts of digital information from you.

With laws regarding the acquisition and utilisation of personal data steadily evolving, it is now more sensible to exercise a double opt-in when building your email list.

A double opt-in clearly indicates a new subscriber will get a confirmation email where they will click on a link to verify that they sincerely want to be added to your list.

This system also has an added advantage in that it guarantees your list is only built up of people who want to engage with your emails.

In order for subscribers to sign up to obtain emails from you, they have to fill in a subscription form, normally online.

How Do I Identify If My Current List is an Opt-in List or not?

One thing you wll need to understand is that not each email database is an opt-in email list. Approaching them as such could point to some severe consequences. So how do you conclude if your list is an opt-in email list?

If your subscribers allowed you to send the emails by accepting or by ticking a box, then it is an opt-in email list.

However, if you received email lists but not the authority to send emails, then it is not an opt-in email list. For example, in this instance, cover emails received from:

  • Business cards
  • Your website
  • Online Purchases
  • Rented or purchased lists

  • To be on the best side of the law, you will require to know what you can and cannot do with your various types of lists.

    Does it Really Matter?

    Here are the three principal reasons why you should take opt-in sincerely:

    Adhere to Laws

    One of the foremost reasons you should be severe about an opt-in email list is that there are rules that dictate the sending of emails.

    This is essentially meant to dissuade undesirable communication. Two of the most popular regulations are the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States and the GDPR laws in the European Union.

    Evade Slandering your Brand Image

    People want to be in charge of their inboxes. For most, that means being able to control the type of emails they get. Sending emails to subscribers that have not opted in for your messages is a swift way to get yourself listed for spamming. This, in turn, will point to your Sender Score and deliverability being attacked.

    Develop an engaged list

    By deciding to create an opt-in email list, ensure that a larger number of your subscribers are fascinated by what you have to contribute.

    This ends in you having a highly-engaged (and profitable) list. This is one of the foremost purposes you should stay away from immoral methods such as renting or purchasing lists, as they seldom involve.

    What does a certified opt-in email example look like?

    How to Create an Opt-in Email List

    An email opt-in form does not require glitter and radiate it just needs to serve.

    Some of the top-notch email opt-in examples have very few words. And, some have more information. It will rely on the content statement, but the general rule of thumb is: simpler is more beneficial.

    When it comes to the copy on an email sign-up form, inevitably prioritize excellence over quantity.

    So, what are all the best opt-in lists to have in mutual and perform for you and your customers?

  • They put up relevant content
  • They deploy comprehensible language
  • They suggest explanations to address pain points.
  • Finally, that implies more clicks, more clients, and higher conversions for you. Plus, a great benefit for your clients.
  • What does a certified opt-in email example look like?

    Writing an email opt-in is just Part One. Part Two is to determine where you’ll apply them.

    If you want to upsurge your conversion rate, you need to put your opt-ins in the appropriate areas.

    Here are 5 high-converting areas you can use to fix your email opt-in form:

    Blog Webpage and Blog Posts

    Want to create your blog subscriber list? Have an opt-in on your blog page!

    Placing them on blog posts is a rather successful option, and it is a great one. If people are already on a blog post and are savouring it, have the entertainment going! Give them the opportunity to get even more of your awe-inspiring blogs on a consistent scale.

    But, opt-in forms do not particularly have to be at the top or bottom of your posts. You can also incorporate sign-up alternatives throughout the body of your posts.

    About Page

    Did you realize that an About page can be one of the most regularly hit pages on a website?

    Go ahead and check your Google Analytics. We will wait.

    Whether you noticed that it was one of your most successful pages or in the top ten, About pages manage to get a lot of traffic. That is a lot of traffic that could be accompanying an email opt-in form and then subscribing.


    Largest of a page content is not going to be off to the side. It will be directly in the centre.

    Which gives an abundance of vacancy to put sign-up forms in the sidebar area. Not only is there room, but there is a chance.

    Eye-catching colours will attract the eye anywhere, as well as the sidebar.

    Website guests eyes are usually anticipated for the sidebars to add sign-up forms. It is vital to heed, though, conversion rates for sidebar opt-in forms are not constantly as high as other places.

    You should, however, respect them. They are great for meeting the outlook of people who anticipate seeing sign-up forms on the side of a page.


    First perceptions are everything, and having a form above the fold will be one of the first impacts a visitor has on that page.

    Like the sidebar, this is another reasonably popular spot to place an email opt-in sign-up form. Top of page, top of mind!

    Landing page

    Are you presenting a lead magnet to get guests to sign up for your conventional updates? Usually, creating a landing page for a digital download like that is a great way to place an email sign-up form.

    A chosen landing page just for email sign-ups can assist in uncertain traffic so they should sign up for your list.

    So why do you require opt-in email forms in all of these areas? It is a great way to determine which consumers want various things, which can point to some genuine segmentation possibilities.

    And, of course, conversions! Getting contact data at this email opt-in point unlocks doors to many conversion prospects in the future.

    Whether it is to download content or purchase from your business, you need a way to interact with buyers in order to get conversions.

    It is not over! One Last Settlement: Single or Double?

    You know where and you know how. Now the single other thing to pick up on your opt-in forms is what.

    What Kind of Opt-in Process Will You Have Single or Double?

    The discrepancy between double opt-in and single opt-in is easy: one wants consumers to validate their email address for the subscription, and one does not.

    A double opt-in method requires an additional step (therefore the double). Consumers sign up via the form, then get an email with a link that they need to click on to authenticate their subscription.

    A single opt-in does not need an email to be sent with a verification link to obtain your emails. Subscribers only fill out the opt-in form, and that is that.

    So, what is the more suitable selection for your needs? We cannot tell you, only you can judge! But, here is a few things to examine that may assist you to make the decision.

    How to Create an Opt-in Email List

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Opt-ins


    You will have a more engaged list. It is a secure bet that people finishing the additional step to affirm their interest are, in fact, interested. This gives you a much cleaner, involved email list.

    You will see your deliverability advance. Sending emails to rightly engaged people will intensify your senders reputation. The better the reliability, the better your deliverability rating.

    You are less liable to be published as spam. If they have taken the time to approve, they apparently wont be upset when you show up in their inbox. No spam situation for you!


    Forgetful customers could suggest unclicked links. With so numerous emails coming in every day, it is natural to lose some in the shuffle (including your confirmation link email). Avoiding this email would make their opening form sign-up useless to them and to you.

    It is more effort for the consumer. Everyone wants the most comfortable process possible, and the further step of a double opt-in means extra work for them. Yes, we understand that is kind of ridiculous. To us marketers, it is just another email click, but to consumers, it is Everest!

    List increases can be hindered. More action to subscribe means more time to create the list. Single opt-ins with just one step manage to develop quicker.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Opt-ins


    Your list will grow fast. Less time wasted on fewer steps means quicker list building. Easy as that.

    No subscribers are left in captivity. Without the likelihood of skipping to click that verification email, there is no contingency of missing likely subscribers in the limbo of halfway-subscribed.

    There is just one step. Consumers do not like work. They require every process to be simple. What is more comfortable than listing your info and simply clicking once?


    Being labelled spam is more feasible. The deficiency of authenticating that they subscribed to your list might make consumers question why they are receiving your emails at all. Or, they might change their mind about receiving your emails and call it spam.

    Misspelt emails can ruin deliverability. Verifying an email with double opt-ins guarantees the correct email addresses. Offer your information once it does not. Sending misspelt emails would not benefit anyone.

    You have to be cautious about legitimacy. With brand-new compliance laws, single opt-ins may not be allowed in specific areas. Make sure to monitor what your compliance necessities are for collecting data.

    Whatever you choose, you now have an opt-in email example to understand as you build your own!

    What Now?

    Now that you understand what an opt-in email list is and why it means so much, try visiting your list to discover if your subscribers opted in or not.

    The foremost goal of developing an email list is to develop a connection with your subscriber, and an essential part of connections is that they are interactive. Opt-in guarantees that your connection with your subscriber is interactive.

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