Appending an additional field to your existing database is termed as reverse appending. You may have an accurate and authentic database. However, your database may need the facelift any day because of the growing technology and the ever-changing market. All marketing enterprises give more importance to data.
At Techno Data Group, we fill the missing fields and provide you with the updated information via Reverse Appending Services.

Why opt for reverse appending service?

The Marketers’ Problems

There is a saying that little information is more dangerous than having no information. Here are the problems that a marketer faces.

  •    High volumes of data in the customer database but with incomplete information.
  •    Difficulty in linking the client’s email address to customers’ names, address and other details.
  •   Unable to get the benefits they expect from their business ventures
  •    End up with the wrong prospect because of missing contact information
  •    Partial data makes your marketing strategies and conclusions incorrect.

The spam emails add to the marketers' misery as it reduces the marketing potential.

At Techno Data Group, we provide you with reverse appending services as a one-stop solution for all these problems.

The solution we provide:

In reverse append service, we help you with the following.

1. Fill the missing fields that denied your reach and possible deals.
2. Customers’ updated phone number, email address, and postal address.
3. Personalized interaction through email addresses.
4. Append the demographic details to enhance the reach.
5. Permission-based, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR compliant database.

Data Appended in Reverse Appending Services

First Name Last Name
Email Addresses Phone Numbers
Postal Addresses And other details

Reverse Appending Services

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