Lead Generation


Lead Generation in marketing is the process of identifying prospective customers and capturing their interest in the company's products or services leading to increased sales and other beneficial outcomes. It is an extremely useful marketing tool and plays a vital role in many businesses and is currently being used extensively by many healthcare services, insurance agencies and many multi level marketing organizations. These leads may arise from multiple sources like the internet, phone calls, emails, advertisements and many more.

Online Lead Generation process has a great rate in recent years, with many advances being a result of a rise in online and social media techniques and enhance of information that is readily available to consumers over the digital area. Few proven lead generation techniques that really work well for your business; Lead Generating thru Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Networking, Blogging, Webinars, eBooks/White papers, Online Marketing Videos, eNewsletter, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Our unique marketing strategy is a perfect blend of time-tested services like lead generation(B2B),surveys and customer outreach campaigns and powerhouse ideas which is a result of our brain storming sessions where participants with years of enriching marketing experience come together to create the most innovative ideas.

Unlike other companies, we appoint a 'Relationship Manager' who:

  •   Constantly and continuously keeps in touch with you.
  •   Single point of contact to take care of your requirements
         and answer any questions that you may have?
  •   Monitors how well the strategy is working out in line with the established guidelines.
  •   Religiously updates the strategy with the requisite details.
  •   Ensure corrective actions are taken whenever needed.
  •   Keeps you updated with the reports pertaining to the strategy life cycle.

Benefits of Lead Generation

  •   Improve your profits by providing high quality sales leads
  •   Your potential customers are being approached in the most professional
          and effective manner
  •   Significant increase in sales and therefore higher profits
  •   Improvements in the sales team productivity

Lead Generation is part of our core business – Through our lead generation process you can grow your business fast and it's an easy way to increase your ROI and more business to your company.

Techno Data Group's team of professional b2b lead generators can reach decision makers in your target geography and provide you with qualified prospects who are interested in your services/products or who would like to know more about your services/products.

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