Business Intelligence


Techno Data Group Business Intelligence helps our clients find the right prospects and leads at the right target account. We drive to get value added information about the target account which increases your opportunities to identify the right prospect and account. It also helps companies to be more efficient, identifying the areas for cost saving and exploring new business opportunities.

We help our clients to stay on top of the information while implementing strategies or evaluating business performance.

Techno Data Group Business Intelligence is a mix of two services, Contact Discovery and Account Profiling. These two combine services drive rich results in your marketing and lead generation campaigns because most of the times your lead generation and sales campaigns thrive for more than just identifying contacts in your target market.

Techno Data Group Offers Business Intelligence Services That Allows You To:

  •   Get Appropriate Answers to Your Business Query
  •   Key Performance Metrics Reports
  •   Determine Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities
  •   Simplified Operations
  •   Gain Deep Insights into New Customer Buying Behaviors
  •   Stop Guesswork
  •   Improves Sales and Negotiations
  •   Identify Trends and Market Conditions
  •   Fact Based Decisions
  •   Exploring New Business Opportunities

At Techno Data Group, we convert data into actionable information to increase revenue channel. Our data intelligence results enable innovative business models and services. We use a unique approach to build targeted prospect database, applying business intelligence to determine the right contacts to nurture and convert buyers at higher rate.

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