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Phone Appending Services

Phone Appending Services

What is phone appending services?

Phone appending services includes adding the phone numbers of new prospects & customers. The b2b phone appending services includes replacing the previous phone numbers with the latest ones. The Phone Appending Services are of two types:

  •    Landline phone appending services
  •    Mobile phone appending services
  • Are you trying to reconnect with the customers who have been your regular buyers? This is where you need the phone appending services. Avail the phone appending services at Techno Data Group at low investment to generate continuous sales revenue and ROI in telemarketing campaigns!

    Who buys the phone appending services?

    Types of organizations


    Top business enterprises


    Mid-Scale organizations


    Partnership firms


    Sole proprietors and individual marketing professionals


    Why Techno Data Group?

    The phone numbers are more susceptible to changes than email addresses. When it comes to mobile numbers, it would not even take five minutes to change your sim card. If the client changes their contact number for any reason & does not inform you, then it is hard to track the phone numbers.
    Techno Data Group’s phone services is another wonderful service for all the marketing professionals as well as the telemarketers that connects you with the prospects & maximizes your telesales & phone base in b2b telemarketing campaigns. If you are given a choice between contacting the uncertain audiences & the prospects that you can convert into sales, what would you as an entrepreneur?

    Benefits of Phone Appending Services

    It helps companies and individual marketers to obtain the latest contact information.

    Regain the customer’s contacts and magnifies the telemarketing campaigns

    Reduction of telemarketing costs and the wastage of undeliverable emails

    Supports in implementation of multichannel marketing methods

    Helps in networking with the right party at the right time

    Makes your phone database campaign-ready

    Best customer support from our marketing team

    Direct access to the latest contact numbers of top executives

Company name; City; State; Address and ZIP Code of the contacts you want to reach. We match them to our database, obtain your contacts and return the business phone numbers to contact your target audience.

Phone Appending services

By availing Techno Data Group Phone Appending services you can:

  •   Reach new contacts
  •   Communicate immediately with new offers
  •   Always stay one-step ahead of your competitors
  •   Complete your contact data records

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