Account Profiling helps you get rich set of information in building a comprehensive, accurate, in-depth report about the clients and tips to reach your targeted audience; which includes company sales budgets, competitor marketing strategy, acquisitions, competitor installations, which hardware and software company has installed and more.

Profiling involves a combination of phone calls and online research, verifying contacts, active and potential projects and other information. This information can allow your marketing specialists to be highly productive when approaching targeted prospects. Techno Data Group has talented and educated marketing specialists know how to ask the right questions and get to the heart of what matters to your customers and prospects.

Some of the Benefits of Having an Account Profiling Services are:

  •   Continually refine sales and marketing strategy
  •   Discover the missing pieces of the puzzle.
  •   Identify the kind of software and hardware applications
         that your prospects have installed
  •   Reduce your learning curve and sales turnaround time
  •   Develop current and in-depth knowledge of your target account

We can provide Personalized Key Account Profiling Intelligence to suit your Individual Business Needs:

  •   Recent Contract Details
  •   Company and Financial Overview
  •   Global Locations
  •   Geographical Coverage
  •   Competitor Presence
  •   Key Decision Makers in Vendor Approval Section

Account Profiling is one of the basic and the first method to marketing for a client. For instance, an organization cannot understand the requirements of a client without core research. Research can be done in two simple ways- Primary and Secondary. Primary Research is first hand research or research that is done through observation and investigation. Secondary Research is referring to other data in order to come to a conclusion about a particular issue. This helps in marking out the demands of the existing consumers and the potential targeted consumers. However, if research isn't done well, the whole concept and process of creating a profile of the customers is failed. Hence, research is most important in such cases.

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