Your Content Determines The Quality Of Your Leads - Improve It Now!

Content is a way of passing information to your customers. Many a times, this simple aspect is convoluted to such an aspect that the real message gets lost in the content and the leads generated as a result of this content are therefore not genuine. Gauging the interest of your customer through content like a white paper or a webinar does not necessarily translate into a sales lead. You need to give some more time to this 'customer' who may still be in the preliminary stages of taking a decision. A research from MarketingSherpa reveals that 61% of the marketers in the B2B space send these leads directly to their sales team and only a small 27% out of these really are prospective buyers. Others are just scouting for information or in the early stages of making a decision.

This is where the concept of Lead Nurturing comes in. This essentially means that you are engaging your future customer in the most non transactional way by providing him with all the information that he is looking for. Educating the customer may or may not lead to an immediate return however; it will definitely lead to impression building. If your customer is impressed by your engagement with him, you will definitely be on the top of his list whenever he is ready to make the purchase. For doing this, you need to provide him with good quality relevant content.

Content is an aspect which is hugely ignored. All the content available with respect to a product/service looks the same, and if you can give it a fresh appeal, then this is what will make all the difference. Here is what you can do with your content to make it more meaningful:

1.Make your Content Rich in Propositions

A purpose driven content is the need of the hour. Create content that is not mundane and talks about generalized stuff. Instead, be careful that each and every aspect of your content should contain some value proposition for the customer. If you are writing about your marketing goals, then including the proposition is a must and almost everyone would be doing it. Go a step further and write about after sales service as a customer value proposition. While creating the strategy for the year, create the strategy for the content too, determining at what stage of the lead's life cycle, what kind of content and propositions should go out to him. You could also segregate your content for different categories of leads - those showing the prospect of immediate returns and those who need nurturing.

2.Be Progressive in Educating your Buyers

Buyers of this age are extremely smart and will take a decision only if they are convinced about all aspects of the purchase. Your prerogative here is to provide genuine information to your customers through genuine sources and educate them in an unbiased manner. Extracting information from neutral sources like surveys and market researches will help instill the trust of the customer that you are not pushing him towards a sales decision in any manner. Build your content in such a manner that it assists him in his decision making process and not just sound like a sales pitch.

3.Never Lose Sight of the Relevance

A customer's inbox is cluttered with emails daily. So is his social media profile and in all this clutter, what he is actually looking for is genuine and relevant content. If you can provide it to him, you are also building your trust and credibility in the process. Provide solutions to problems in your content, mention the target group and the profile that your product/service caters to, mention the after sales service aspect and back it up with data. Here are all the ingredients of good and relevant content.

Lead nurturing as a process may involve investment of time and resources, but approach it as a long term strategy. If you are able to ingrain lead nurturing as a part of the DNA of your organization, you are definitely here to stay!

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