The postal address appending services is all about adding the new customer records with their addresses and updating the old address with the current address. Communicating the message by post is the most traditional way to convey the message to the customers. Though people don’t give much importance to postal addresses, postal communication has its own value.
Sending the postal cards to the subscribers or the customers should not be underestimated. If you have lost the customer contact & if your postal address field is old, Techno Data Group provides you the postal address appending service. The postal address has an additional advantage of reaching out to the customer face-to-face, where you can have body language as an advantage. Avail the postal address appending service to explore the capability of your database!

Enterprises using Postal appending services

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Benefits of Techno Data Group Postal Appending Service

  •   Targeted promotional campaigns to customers
  •   Obtain the updated and verified postal address of each business contact.
  •   Messaging through the postal channel makes your brand stronger.
  •   Get the consolidated transaction history of your emails and postal files.
  •   Conversion of single-channel customers to the most valuable multi-channel customers.
Postal Appending Service

We match the information that you provide us with our databases through a secure portal. At Techno Data Group we do not guarantee by words but it the work of our innovative database team that makes results speak for your business in your b2b marketing campaigns!

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