In today's world, knowing your customer's email address may seem very important, but if you are lacking those traditional details like postal addresses, you will require this service as it gives you a way to connect with them more warmly. It isn't obsolete or old-fashioned to send them postal cards or important documents via posts. Moreover, it gives you a way to connect with them through offline methods that add greater support to your business goals, making way for customer retention.

However, since the postal service comes with a cost, you do not want to mess up with the addresses. Therefore, our postal appending services will provide you with accurate postal information about your clients that will give you confidence and interest to take up traditional methods of bonding with clients.

Benefits of Techno Data Services Postal Address Appending Service

  •   Start targeted promotional campaign to customers through zip codes
  •   Acquire the updated postal address of each business contact
  •   Strengthen your brand messaging through postal channels
  •   Consolidate transaction histories of your email and postal files

Just like any other matching process, you must provide us with your information through a secure portal. The more information that we get from you, better the match rates will be. The basic information would be first initial, full surname, email address. The additional information that you would like to give could vary from full forename, Title to even Telephone number and D.O.B.

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