15 SEO Myths You Should Let Go!!!

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) it's that it never stands still. What is hot today can be killed off in a heartbeat in the next big Google algorithm update. Website owners need to keep their finger on the SEO pulse in order to see how it's changing, and what they need to do to keep up with the newest trends. That said, there is a lot of misinformation out there, including these 15 SEO myths that you really should ignore:

Social media signals are the new SEO

There is simply no evidence to support this, as Google has already stated that they pay no attention to these signals, other than the +1's, of course.

Inbound links are out

While there is a move on to get rid of the spammy links that permeate the internet, good inbound links can still play a major role in SEO.

Keywords need to match the search term

There certainly used to be an argument for this one, but the Google Hummingbird update has put this myth to rest. Synonyms in search terms are now recognized, which means exact keyword matches aren't essential.

Guest blogging is dead

Writing 4 or 5 great blog articles a week can be tough, which is why the guest blog post came to be in the first place. The thinking is that these types of posts are now essentially considered spam, but when used to build a brand or create genuine links, they are still very valuable.

Google is all that matters

Yes, Google are the kings of the search engine world, but they are not the only game in tow, Ignoring Bing, Yahoo, et al should be done at your own peril.

Content marketing is the new SEO

If you abandon all other SEO strategies in favor of nothing but content marketing, you will see your site slide off the front page and into relative obscurity.

Google Authorship is a must

Using authorship to build authority is a good practice, but it is no guarantee of SEO success.

SEO is behind your business wheel

A solid SEO strategy will certainly help get visitors to your website, but it's still up to you to close the sale.

Websites with JavaScript and Ajax elements will not show up in Google

This is not the case at all, particularly with JavaScript, which Google has become much more adept at interpreting.

Do follow links are best

Not according to the Google Penguin update, which states that a nice selection of links is the best for SEO purposes.

Page rank is important

Google uses a number of elements to rank websites by search relevance, and a high PR is no guarantee of a high search ranking.

A high number of internal links is a must

Recent research has actually shown that this is something that comes pretty low on the importance totem pole for search engines.

Mobile and desktop search are the same

Again, this is not the case at all. The main difference is that people performing mobile searches are usually looking for something in their vicinity.

SEO and user experience are not connected

That would seem like a logical argument, but a website that does not deliver a good user experience is not one that is likely to do well, as the visitor will likely not return.

SEO is a one and done deal

If you ever hear an SEO guy say that he is done, look for someone else. As we said at the start of this piece, what's hot in SEO today may hold little value tomorrow.

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