Data Validation refers to activities like Email Validation, Phone Validation, Address Validation, and Social Media Profile Validation. A fresh, accurate, unique data lays a solid foundation for successful marketing campaigns. Hence the prudent businessmen get their email database tested for accuracy, data redundancy, or inconsistencies.
At Techno Data Group, we understand that all the worldwide business enterprises depend on regular clientele. Rightly so. It is much easier to market your products or services for new product launches as they know your credibility. What the health of your database in terms of accuracy and deliverability? Send your database to us to get updated records at Techno Data Group for lucrative returns in your campaigns!

Why Techno Data Group?

According to the statistics, most organizations tend to neglect data validation which results in data entry error.

Our team at Techno Data Group keeps track of your databases on a regularly for redundant data, incorrect or outdated information, and other errors. We also perform intensive validation, which reduces your operational expenses and protects your brand reputation.

Apart from accurate and validated data, we also provide you a well-segmented database according to geographical location, demography, lifestyle, financial, hobby, and interest and to mix and match the products if you are not sure about the categories. We use multiple techniques known as “data validation rules” to check the accuracy of the database having the contact information so you will get the confidence in the b2b marketing campaign.

What are the Industries we can reach?

Information Technology Hospitals
Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing
Travel Retail
Agricultures Engineering
Software & Hardware Real Estate
Media and Entertainments Others

Advantages of data validation

  •   Improves your database quality
  •   Helps you to know the standings of your database
  •   Increases the business opportunities
  •   Increases your contact database
  •   Diminishes data redundancy

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