How To Reach Your Key Accounts Using Data

We've all heard the saying, time is money and it applies for sales professionals as well. They paid to generate results – sales results via sales numbers. But, do you know you can generate more revenue without spending a bundle? You just need to focus more on the companies that are most likely lead to generate more revenue. This is where Targeted Key Accounts come in.

How do you Reach those Accounts?

Re-check your customers contact information, deal size, business transaction and purchase history. Did you find any new trends? What is the common trend from your premier purchasers? Lets include;

  •   Titles
  •   Company Size
  •   Job Roles
  •   Similar Industries
  •   Location
  •   Management Level

Let's assume, if a major transaction of your sales comes from NY with less than 500 employees, its worth to target similar organizations for better ROI. At the same time, if you are more successful converting CTO titles in the technology industry, you should pursue contacts matching that buyer persona instead.

Spot your Key Accounts

Since, you have spotted your key accounts; you need to direct the relevant message. This is where sales and marketing line-up. Every marketing team provides an extensive range of materials that can effectively help sales team to achieve revenue.

Some Helpful Materials Include:

  •   Case Studies
  •   Product Data Sheets
  •   White Papers
  •   ROI Calculators
  •   Blog Posts
  •   Infographics
  •   EBook
  •   Webinars

In its 5 B2B Buyer Preferences to Know report, LinkedIn found that, "Nearly 90 percent of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with sales professionals who are viewed as thought leaders in their industry."

Select the Right Path

For better results on key account data is to know how and when to reach those targeted accounts. Today's buyers are doing their own market-research online and buying before engaging with sales professionals. This means you need to get in touch with your key accounts timely in the buying process. The key for better results is to stay in touch with them over a period of time, and building a trusted relationship. Then if they do strike an event that initiate a purchasing cycle, your products and services to be the top of their buying list. Regular interaction with your customers will help build trust and loyalty.

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