You Think Your Data Work For You?

Of course, any marketer you talk to contribute to their team demand generation. The ultimate goal of any business activity is to achieve the sales activity and generate profitability to the business. But there is something which cannot be replaced by a person. That's right, the answer is DATA.

Data is the most important factor in any marketing organization campaigns. Hence, your data should be very much effective and efficient in order to create qualified leads to your business and also sustain them. It becomes necessary to update and modify your data in order to make them work efficiently.

Some of the things to be followed:

Clean Your Data

Data cleansing is a process which can deduct the old data and delete the ones which aren't necessary. It is a way of correcting or removing any unwanted data from your database. You should complete the uncompleted information from your records and replacing them with the new data or correct data. Data cleansing also contains the process of removing the data where its validation period will be over. Sometimes, even correcting the values in your database or correcting the typological mistakes.

It can even remove the duplication of data and also gives an option to your customers for unsubscribing the mails you send them. And finally, you data should be tested and verified. The data should be changed or modified according to the results shown.

Consolidate your Data

Your data may contain information other than that of marketing. So you need to just go with the content which are necessary for your customer in that particular field.

Data Appending

Your audience will view your latest information which will be provided to them through the emails, through telephones or through your websites. As customers would always want creativity and engaging topics, you need to modify and update your data regularly in order to increase the traffic to your websites. This will eventually increase your conversation rates and gaining the popularity of the business. You can provide your customers with greater insight from which you can get engaged with the customers more often offline and even online. Before creating any data, you must get all the data of the buying behavior of the customer and purchasing strategies in the marketing structure.

Data Enrichment

Data which is replaced by the enrichment must be there along with the enriched data: Enrichment processes must contain of modified or added data in such a way that the analyzer should have access and get to the "raw" source data. Analysts job is to independently test the enrichment processes of the data and suggest improvements if needed. If, for whatever reason, enrichment doesn't meet specific analysis needs, then they should be able to fall back to the original source data.

By taking the existing customer data which is their first name, last name or their email address and matching them against the vendor's database. You will be able to fill in the required and necessary holes and tighten the screws on your marketing data for success. Moreover, by adding your contact information with missing details or incremental content like company revenue and employee count you are able to immediately segment leads and begin delivering well targeted content and also there is increase in your chance of conversion.

Standardize Your Data

The next action which has to be taken up is to go into the system and actually create drop-down menus relevant to the consolidated fields you have decided on. Don't push every last data to your CRM. Make sure you keep all your data nice and in an automated marketing platform and push only your qualified leads to the customer relation management. This creates the efficient data and bridges the gaps between the sales and marketing and eventually helps in both, increasing the sales leads and also creates demand and generates profits.

In the conclusion, one has to maintain and nurture the data from the starting itself in order to get the best results of out of it which makes your data work for your own good.

Why Techno Data Group?

Techno Data Group offers b2b marketing services, list solutions and market research insights which are especially designed to stimulate conversions from the inbound, outbound and database marketing drives. Our solutions comprise of complete database marketing solutions that secure your business with relevant leads and implementation and execution of marketing strategy to drive your business forward.

Techno Data Group validates contacts in 4 levels:-

  •   Run the file against NCOA & ECOA process prior to delivery
  •   Send an opt-out mailer campaign to make sure we have accurate emails and contacts are opt-in
  •   Tele-calling and confirm that contact is live and contact info is correct
  •   LinkedIn links with the contact details wherever available

About Us

Techno Data Group is b2b marketing firm in Wilmington, Delaware focusing on business success. We can help you targeting key accounts using real time verified data; we can identify your buying personas, analyze your existing database and fill in the missing information.

We work with some of the world's leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. We are proud to say that we are their preferred database partners.

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