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Where do we find the targeted mailing lists?

Techno Data Group is the solution for the targeted mailing lists. If you are new to business campaigns, you need to act fast to stay in the competition. Are you searching for the immediate buyers? We have an immediate solution for that. You can find the targeted audiences via businesses mailing lists. We provide you the direct mailing lists at budget-friendly rates. Sign up for mailing list to shoot up the leads & sales online!

What is a mailing list?

    A mailing list is a collection of contact names, email addresses, & the postal addresses. The information may relate to an individual marketers or a company as a whole.

    With Techno Data Group, our mailing list you can:

  •   Add your contacts directly to the database
  •   Add the signup areas so you get subscribers
  •   Get the old information replaced by the new ones
  •   Equip your mailing database with intelligence
  •   Send your emails to active email addresses

  • Who uses the business mailing lists?

    Acquire the list of business that use mailing list                                   No of mailing lists
    Companies                                   300,000
    New Businesses                                   450,741
    Partnership firms                                   654,478
    Individual marketers                                   1,452,630

    Why Techno Data Group?

    Techno Data Group has earned a goodwill in the market in a short time. When it comes to speedy way to boost your sales, Techno Data Group is the best source. If you are looking for the direct marketing strategy, you need an accurate data. The first step to derive the target audience. With our mailing lists, you can generate quick sales closures. Here are some of the reasons to opt for Techno Data Group’s business mailing list.

  •   Strict adherence to GDPR regulations
  •   Data gathered from trusted sources
  •   Opt-in email list
  •   Permission-based information from top executives
  •   Best industry-replacement guarantee at 95.99% accuracy
  •   Targeted database

  • What are the mailing list services we render?

    We at Techno Data Group render the following mailing list service. They are:

  •   Data Appending Services
  •   Marketing Services
  •   Data Management Services

  • Data Appending Services

    Our data appending services include:

    Email append                                   Phone append
    Social Media append                                   Postal Address append
    Reverse append                                  

    Marketing Services

    The marketing services comprises of:

    Contact Discovery                                   IT & Sales Intelligence
    Business Intelligence                                  Account Profiling
    Market Research                                  Lead Generation
    Telemarketing Service                                  Email marketing

    Data Management Services

    In database management services, we provide you the services like:

    Data Refinement                                   Data Enhancement
    Data Building                                  Data Segmentation
    Data Cleansing                                  

    How do we find the right prospects?

    If you are in search of the right prospects, no need to search more. At Techno Data Group, we cross-verify the data before final delivery. We obtain permission from top executives in our verification process. You can find the right prospects from our mailing list by:

    First Name                                   Last Name Company Name
    URL Address                                  Phone Contact Fax No
    Contact Title                                   Company Strength Turnover
    Industry Types                                   Email Id Correspondence Address
    Zip Code                                   SIC Code/ NAICS Code Personnel Specifics

    When do we deliver the mailing lists?

    We deliver the mailing list after the completion of validation process within 5 business days.

    What are the types of mailing list?

    Our mailing list examples are:

  •   C-Level Executives mailing list – contains all the mailing list of C-Level professionals. CEO email list, CFO email list, CTO email list are some of them.
  •   Technology mailing list – is segregated to all Software, Hardware, CRM, Networking mailing lists.
  •   Healthcare mailing list – has 4 main mailing list. They are Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, etc. These lists are further divided into other categories.
  •   Industry-wise mailing list – IT mailing list, healthcare mailing list, manufacturing mailing list, Travel mailing list, etc. are some of the examples of Industry-wise mailing list
  •   USA State-wise mailing list – California, New Jersey, Alabama, Arkansas are some of the well-known mailing list of USA State-wise mailing list.

  • Can we try out the free samples before placing an order?

    Yes, you can. We understand that free samples are important for you to take a final decision. We provide you the free mailing list with real-time data. The free samples contain the information relevant to your business. We are just a call away. Feel free to contact our marketing & sales team by phone or email.

    Call us today at: (302) 268 6889    or    Email us at: [email protected]

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