New Ways of Insight Generation Through Psychographic Data

Data is really ruling the roost in the times of today! There is no business decision that can be taken on gut or instinct, and it is the data that does the entire convincing. If this is the case, then is it just right for data also to evolve. From just numbers, fact and figures, data took one step further and became heavily based on demographics. That too is a mastered domain now, and understanding the psyche of the consumers and deriving psychographic data is the latest opportunity for marketers.

   A study done by Forbes Insights and Quantcast reveals that 71% of the 300 executives who participated in the survey understand the importance of psychographic data especially for their digital marketing campaigns. So, what is it that you can do to jump into the bandwagon? Read on to know:

Outbound marketing is one of the major drivers of revenue growth and a survey conducted by on marketing professionals throws light on the value that outbound marketing add to the business. Here are the highlights of the study as we take a look at the strategies used by various companies for outbound marketing:

1. Be Alert on Social Media

Businesses, customers, freelancers.. almost everyone is on social media and creating ripples with their participation in various forums, group discussions, posts, blogs etc. This has to be used as indicators for you to understand the psyche that your prospective customers are operating upon and use the points relevant to your industry or business. If you observe trends on Twitter or LinkedIn, you will get a huge dump of information about what is trending, what are your customers participating in, topics of their interests and so on. It becomes your prerogative then to segregate this information and use it to your advantage by creating forums like webinars, seminars, initiating a group discussion and so on to engage your prospective customers. You will obviously not be able to have a face to face interaction with all your customers but you can determine the influencers for your business and have at least two interactions with them in a month. These interactions could be of any nature like sending them relevant news, whitepapers or even useful gifts like headphones, books of their interest etc,

2. Drive Engagement in your Customers

Customers are the kings! Businesses have to constantly come up with ways of engaging the prospective customers and this engagement also leads to huge rewards for the business. After determining your target group, you need to engage them in much more ways than just business related for e.g. checking the types of music, movies or books that your customer likes to buy and then providing him with these. Another good way of doing it by providing coupons for self purchase which are much in vogue.

Checking social platforms for the campaigns, blogs and posts that they are interested in can also give you insights on basing your next marketing campaign. For e.g. if your identify a group of influencers who like to watch 'The Big Bang Theory', then you can create your next sales pitch in a manner adapted from the show which may excite them. Many marketers of today are fitness enthusiasts and avid travelers and engaging them through these two ways has also almost always worked.

3. Build Data based Online and Offline Strategies

Rather than getting fazed by these huge amounts of data, marketers must use whatever they get at that moment to create a strategy or a theme for an event, display and so on. Procrastinating on it and over intellectualizing on it will only complicate matters for you and before you know it, some other marketer will use this idea. So, the moment an idea flows out from the data, use it to your advantage. The usage may vary and can have many manifestations in the form of tradeshows, webinar, images for an ad campaign, a gift idea and so on. Identifying these finer areas of engagement count more than bigger conceptual ideas.

The above mentioned points are just indicators of usage of psychographic data. There is much more to it and it basically depends on identifying these areas and using it in conjugation with your business. Driving engagement through complimentary adventure sport activities or matches can also be done, if your product or service has relevance in this field. The mantra is to keep it simple and useful!

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